Make Better Music

While some clients come to the studio with a career well underway, others rely on Chris to turn their raw talent into star-quality sound. With the resources necessary for all aspects of the production process, Chris G Productions has everything you need to make beautiful music. All services are customizable and offered a la carte or in any combination. Just give us a call to discuss your specific circumstances and we’ll decide how best to proceed.

Unite Talent

In addition to his own songwriting, keyboard and vocal skills, Chris has dozens of talented musicians and singers ready to collaborate on your projects. This can be executed in-house or remotely, with Chris’ magic bringing everything together seamlessly.

Enhance Production Quality

Broadcast Quality

In his own digital recording studio Chris uses ProTools, his own custom sounds and tracks, and high-end gear to achieve the latest sound. This, self-contained environment is ideal for creating and producing broadcast quality tracks.

Vocal Coaching

Customized Vocal Training System

This program will elevate voice quality and delivery style for performance artists at any level.


  • Evaluation of vocal style, strengths and weaknesses
  • Techniques for improving skills and quality
  • CD-based vocal exercises in your key
  • • Lifestyle tips for optimal vocal tone